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More Mexico

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Some more scans from my trip to Mexico back in March. For me, this trip was decompression. A 10 days before I left I was finishing up an internship in New Hampshire. I went to Mexico leaving nearly all my gear behind. Small film body, 28 2.8, 5 rolls of 36 exposures and a small digital point and shoot was all I wanted to remember the trip. No more large bags and shoulder aches. To work at a newspaper was fantastic, interacting woth different people and places everyday, and getting to take pictures at the same time is a dream. But to embrace simplicity? Bliss.





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Taken during a ride home with friends from Columbus late last month. Dustin‘s front seat window was acting up and when I went to jiggle it around (read: tap it lightly) the things fell down off its motor and into the door. About an hour from Athens with no passenger side window is how we drove home. This was taken on the side of the road while Dustin was trying to jiggle window back in place. In the frame is OU photog Stephanie Smith.

Rab Strikes Out

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Strike Out

Last night was a whiffle ball extravaganza at 1 in the morning. Here we see Noah after giving the whiffle all he got. Twasn’t enough. Don’t worry, he later got a hit.

Turning Japanese

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Japanese Students

From the International Street Fair in Athens earlier today. This is a group of students (none Japanese) from the Japanese Student Association about to perform a traditional Japanese fisherman’s song.

For all the people looking at this blog for the first time, welcome. I hope to post a lot more than I already do. Look forward to hearing back from your guys and ladies.

Feel free to comment! I love you hear from people who actually read this.

The Kid

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The Kid

Last weekend I worked on a multimedia piece on the Gun and Knife Show, a benefit house show in Athens, OH. About 5 bands crammed into a house for a good long afternoon into evening of local music. Behind everything was a kid named…The Kid. Ok, so his name is really Aaron, but ask most people around Athens who know him and they’ll most likely tell you he’s The Kid. Part musician, part antagonizer and part really really nice guy. Here’s a quick portrait I got of him. 20-30 shots of him looking blank and emotionless (as is my forte) and then he whips out the oddest Marlon Brando sneer/pout I’ve seen in awhile.

The multimedia piece I was shooting was for the much talked about Soul of Athens the massive multimedia undertaking that is in its second year. Look for volume two in early June.

Majoli Points and Shoots

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Alex Majoli, a MAgnum shooter who I’ve recently become obsessed with, is featured in a really interesting article that really sticks it to the gear heads. As much as I fawn over getting a Mark III, I realize I should fawn over getting a great image first.

After hearing about this from such a talented war, fashion, portait, everything photographer can really suck the confidence right out of you. He didn’t pick the camera that was the strongest , or the fastest or makes the biggest picture. He picked up a camera that made him less of a photographer, and let him interact with the people that surrounded him.

I’ve really been feeling the whole minimalism thing recently. Wanting to knock down borders that separate me from the people around me. This seems like such a logical step in the direction. That said, I’m holding onto my SLR for awhile.

Mexico 2

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Mexico 2, originally uploaded by Johnny Simon.

Walking through the streets of Puebla.

It was a dream. Sun setting, walking between pedestrian streets changing from warm to cool. Eating a large meal.