Keep Your Eyes Peeled.


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Here’s a quick grab from today,  a hip hop group performing in the subway.  Many more pictures to come.  



Hell Yeah

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From Fugazi’s really awesome documentary “Instrument”  It combines grainy tour footage, really solid concert footage (shown here) and odd video bootlegs along the way.  As the band describes it, you won’t be finding out who said what to who, or who was doing drugs, but its a great compliment to a badass band that has a brand of idealism I could only hope for.

Its also good because I doubt I will ever see them live.

“Have A Great Summer”

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I’m going to miss dimly lit sit downs in my living room. Its been a place I’ve spent a lot of time, many friends have congregated on the filthy carpet staying up way too late. When the sun goes down all I have is a few lamps, ISO 1600 and slow shutter speeds to record some last fleeting glimpses of my friends before I don’t see them for awhile. Heading out tomorrow, won’t see a good many of them till the leaves turn brown.

Veracruz Beach

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Another one from down south

Veracruz Beach.  A particularly windy day.



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Ok, maybe I’m geeking out a bit too much about living in New York this summer. I ‘ve been finding beaches in the city I want to shoot, fantasizing about riding the subway (terrible, I know, that thing is a furnace in the summer) figuring out shows I want to go to (probably at least three a week) and rediscovering friends who might be living just a few stops away from me. I’m thinking in ideals right now, and its making me very happy. Stay tuned for three weeks from now for a rant from a severely disillusioned young man.

Until then, here are some sweet videos that have been getting me excited.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings – “Tell Me” filmed in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

She’s a really fucking good singer, who sounds like she was plucked straight out of 40 years ago. THe record is incredible and this particular song sets such a fun tone for summer.

Author Henry Miller recalling the “ugliest, filthiest, shittiest city in the world”
via Gothamist

David Byrne Explains the Building

Creative Time presents Playing the Building, a 9,000-square-foot, interactive, site-specific installation by renowned artist David Byrne. The artist transforms the interior of the landmark Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan into a massive sound sculpture that all visitors are invited to sit and “play.” The project consists of a retrofitted antique organ, placed in the center of the building’s cavernous second-floor gallery, that controls a series of devices attached to its structural features—metal beams, plumbing, electrical conduits, and heating and water pipes. These machines vibrate, strike, and blow across the building’s elements, triggering unique harmonics and producing finely tuned sounds.


Inside North Korea

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Vice Magazine, most commonly known for documenting hipster culture with its own brand of trashy, in-your-face photography and writing (which I happen to like) has an offshoot web site just for short docs at For the last few hours I’ve been glued to their 14 part series about their trip to North Korea and they give a shockingly open, honest and at times funny view of a country so shrouded in mystery. After seeing pictures over and over again of orderly North Koreans walking with no emotion, its refreshing but also sad to see them having a rare beer and even rare glimpses of them actually being happy. You come away with the feeling that underneath the surface, some are desperately trying to break free, while others are deeply conditioned into their twisted, one-dimensional way of life.

Here’s the link to my favorite part, part seven, in which the host of this dark travelogue gets to drink and sing karaoke with his guide.

Wrapping Up

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I should start studying for an exam now. Here are some odd shots from the last few weeks. In one week I will be in New York. To the five people who read this…any of you in the city? Anyone want to buy me a drink? Anyone? Bueller?

Leaving the new Nationals stadium in DC

Everyone looks upset but I swear we were having a great time. Break during drive back to Athens from DC.

Bike ride with Ryan and Joe

Andrew W.K. in Athens, Ohio

More Mexico

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Taking a break from not working. Here are some more scans from Mexico.cuidad


Alternate shot of something previously posted. I think I like this more.cholula

Feel free to leave some feedback.

Waiting for something

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The quarter is wrapping up. I will be in New York soon. Getting antsy, also not wanting to leave quite yet.wait

Mexico Oddity

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When your have two dark frames next to each other, sometime your scanner sucks a bit. Taken from the zocolo (public square) in Veracruz. They were celebrating the first 100 days of the new government.

Dark Zocolo

I’m finally finishing up all this scanning. Its been done in 5-6 jaunts when ever I have free time (rare). I’d like to get a nice little edit together within the next week. Thanks for looking.

Update:  Upon looking at negative it looks like the scanner kind of just chopped off the top a bit, so its kind of a poor-man’s panoramic.  Imma keep it this way though.