Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Union Sq. Park

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Coney Island Swan Song

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Taken from the Coney Island pier on Saturday.  Ruff (short for Ruffino) recently moved to Coney Island to get away from the hectic Lower East Side.  I’m trying to start a project focusing on Coney Island as a working class retreat as well as its changing image.  This year is the last year the Astroland amusement park will be open and with its close so goes 45 years of history.  The final product will be on film, shot with my Rolleiflex.  Here’s a digital shot form Thursday.


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Some shots from around town.  No big revelations.

Waiting for the rain to stop.

waiting for the rain to stop.

Chelsea Waterfront Helaport.


The 4th of July?

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The British say the “blank” of “x month” to say their dates. The 22nd of February rather than February 22nd as we would say.  What’s Christmas to us?  December 25th.  Groundhog Day?  February 2nd.  Why do we celebrate our independence from the British by saying the date as they would.  Odd, right?


Spent my first (of hopefully many) 4ths in New York.  I did what any good American would do and visited Coney Island to watch people stuff their face with hot dogs.  So did all these people.



Coney Island has an awesome beach that reminds me of other places I’ve visited, such as Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland or Veracruz Beach in Veracruz, Mexico.  Real people, no tourists and a relaxed unpretentious atmosphere.


Coney Island Subway Stop

subway art


View from the pier



man with beer




Oh and my lady was here for the weekend.  We walked everywhere (except where trains were available) and even after living in the city for three weeks already, this weekend tired me out.lady


Word.  Time to sleep.  Work in the morning.

In The City

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Been in NYC for about a two weeks now. Some shots from here and there.

The N Train




chinatown 2

My friend Shaena is spending the summer here a well.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer.