Keep Your Eyes Peeled.

Bill Richardson

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Jeez, remember when we were here?

Just waiting for this to be over.  I can’t escape polls, posters, advertisments, mailings blah blah blah.  I saw this video yesterday and this is the last I want to here on anything until Election Day.


OU Idol

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I rarely post campus related photos here.  I guess most stories I shoot for take me away from school and into the countryside.  These kind of events remind me that yes, I actually do go to a college.  The guy in the baseball hat ended up winning.  It was so odd.  I just started snapping shots of him because he looked so streesed and a the minutes progressed his name was called, he walked up to the stage and then was announced as the winner.

Starla Ironing

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I’ve been spending a lot of time out in Logan, Ohio documenting the congregation of the Hocking Hills Mennonite Church.  It’s slow going, but something I want to spend time with in my last year here at school.  They’re an incredibly insular community, but not out of any sort of hatred but a lack of desire of anything we feel in necessary.  to them the world is full of strife and distrust.  A life committed to the Bible ensures them a “peaceful walk through life”.  They don’t vote, let alone participate or endorse any politicians.   Not as extreme as their Amish relatives, these Mennonites have taken to many of the modern luxuries we take for granted.  Not out of a need to socialize within a culture but out of mere practicality.  They drive cars but refuse to watch television and radio.  I expected to be met with hostility and distrust, as I am an outsider, but these people have been immensely welcoming and I hope to honor their traditions and beliefs as best as possible.

This is Starla.  She’s the second oldest girl in her family (the oldest lives in Indiana doing aid work for the poor)  She is currently earning her hunting lisence.


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Two frames I shot my old Rolleiflex this summer.  One east coast, one way west coast.

Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens

Deck 12, Hubbard Glacier, Alaska