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Comedian Patton Oswalt says something applicable to all of us.

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Mr. Oswalt, who came up through the stand-up scenes of San Francisco and Los Angeles, said that the down time he spent in the repertory cinemas of those cities was crucial to developing his comedic voice, encouraging him to make it more personal. Watching the works of Preston Sturges or Robert Altman, he would ask himself, “How did all these guys get around all the restrictions that you must have in film, working with someone else’s money?” Onstage, he said, “It’s just me and a microphone, so what was my excuse?”

Find your voice.

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Travelogue – Pt. 2

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnysimon on August 18, 2009

Some bits and pieces from a tour today of the Waimea Canyon, “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”  It involved lots of driving up and down mountainous terrain and windy roads.  Also noted:  There are many chickens lurking wandering around this island.







Travelogue – Pt. 1

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I’ve just finished up my summer as part of the first class of interns in the Obama White House.  Much much more on that later.  Needless to day, it was the best thing I have ever done; significantly changing the way I view what I am capable of and what I want to do with my life.  But again, much more on that later.

For now I am on vacation with my family in Hawaii on a much needed break from 5 days of suits a week and shaving everyday.  Seriously, the thing I was most excited about is finally letting my facial hair take its natural course.

I spent from 5 AM EST, to about 8 PM Honolulu time in airports and airplanes, crammed in economy seats next to screaming babies.  And now I am simply looking forward to staring at the Pacific Ocean for a week.