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Rush Jagoe on Pangea Photo Blog

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I’m always impressed by my buddy Rush’s sensitivity and the unexpected directions his work takes me. The documentation of his transnational bike odyssey is no different. Check it out on Pangea, a blog being put together by some inspirational young photographers, who also happen to be my friends.


No sleep till…

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Well actually…lots of sleep till Brooklyn. I’m in DC right now, sleeping off the late nights and great times of the Eddie Adams Workshop, where I was fortunate enough to be asked back (I was a student in 2007) by Time Photo Editor Deirdre Read to help out as faculty this year.  It was such a positive experience, being surrounded by the young photographers who are truly going to change this industry.  Check out some of the work here, I was very very impressed by the quality of work produced by this year’s students.

In terms of news from me, I’ve been offered a position at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.  It is one of the nation’s foremost art and design schools and I will be put to use in the Communications Design program, working as a photo tech, helping to run their imaging lab, as well as organizing many of the students who work in the labs.  It is an awesome position that will but me right in the middle of an exciting, creative and academic environment.  I move this Tuesday, so for any readers in the New York area, I think we should hang out.  Just saying.

Some more G-20

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A few more from outside a demonstration on the University of Pittsburgh campus.





The G-20

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Though they existed in one large, unorganized mass, I saw many different protests at the G-20.  There were the curious, the baby-boomers reliving their youth, playing Diggers anthems in a small brass band, the contingents of students, even some Tea Partiers.  They were all part of the large, unpermitted march that started their walk towards the G-20 summit happening in downtown Pittsburgh in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville, a low-key, blue collar, and heavily residential neighborhood.  The march took them through the heart of a quiet, not particularly well off neighborhood, that had relatively very little to do with the events happening a few miles away.  But as the tear gas misted, rubber bullets flew and protesters scattered, I saw a protest that had been hijacked by its most extreme element and left the residents of this neighborhood bewildered and worried, about violence that occured in a march they had little say in.


I grew up, and currently reside in the Washington DC area, a region no stranger to dissent and protest.  But the protests I viewed growing up never took place in people’s backyards or with so little respect payed towards the people whose neighborhoods these fringe elements had taken over.  I felt embarrased for the group I was documenting.



Dumpsters were turned over to block police movements, as if riot-gear clad police officers could be stopped cold in their tracks by a few overturned garbage loaders and recycling bins.  The most direct engagement I saw of protesters with the locals was half hearted chants of “Join Us!” as if anyone who saw these people would run from their stoop to get tear gassed in their own neighborhood, where they had lived, in the case of some people I spoke to, upwards of 6o years.


In the end, the worst irony is that the residents who were so disrespected in these marches were the ones who the protesters were really rallying for.  The downtrodden, the disenfranchised and the everyday, hardworking American.  But as I looked at the excitement of the protesters at the possibility to block a police car, and the indifference, sometimes even disgust of the Pittsburghers looking on, it made me look at the young protesters and wonder, “Who are they here for?

Pittsburgh’s Revival

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Photo: Flickr/Cowtools

Photo: Flickr/Cowtools

I am heading to Pittsburgh this Wednesday to witness whatever is going to happen at the G-20.  I’m genereally pretty down on protest photography.  I feel much of it only serves to promote the most vocal and beligerant members of a cause.  Photographs of angry people, holding signs…where is the conversation?  With that in mind I’m heading to an enormous hub of just that.  Perhaps I can find something interesting that doesn’t rely on the words of a sign, but I may just resign myself to capturing angry mobs.

But this should nontheless be an interesting event, in that the G-20, usually reserved for a locations like Beijing or London, is being hosted in all places, Pittsburgh.  It’s a pointed decision, showcasing an American city that has weathered the economic climate relatively well and has made the transition into a post-industrial city (following its mostly defunct steel industry) quite gracefully.

More on Pittsburgh in this week’s Economist.

So yeah, protests, pictures and Pittsburgh.  See you later in the week.

Cats on Display Pt. 2

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Some other oddities and scenes from the National Capitol Cat Show in Chantilly, Virginia this Saturday.







Cats on Display.

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So, on a whim and a dose of curisosity I drove out to Chantilly, VA this morning to attend the the National Capitol Cat Show.  Its a good feeling to go somewhere with no real agenda, assignment or project in mind, just to observe and make pictures.


More images to come soon.

Marine One Landing

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While interning at the White House, I got to see the President’s official helicopter Marine One land and take off several times. While seeing the President is a wonderful experience, the best part is seeing everyone in attendance blown away (almost literally) by the sheer force of the wind produced by this enormous flying machine.


Catching up.

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I hardly had a few hours to spare this summer, just to look through all the photos I shot. My creative process involved shooting and forgetting images and now in September I’m finally looking through it all.

This pictures jumped out at me. Me and a few fellow WH interns trekked to Dewey Beach and crammed inside a tiny beach house. On Saturday I was the first one up and this is what I saw outside out kitchen window.


More images to come. I can’t say I dedicated myself this summer to one “story” or “project”. What ever I produce will be something tied to my first, and probably closest flirtation with politics.

My weekend from mostly horizons

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Some shots from my weekend trek to Virginia Beach with Noah.  I’m currently based around DC, in October, I’ll be lucky enough to go assist a producer at the Eddie Adams Workshop, hope to see some of you there!